Boost Your JavaScript Concepts( 10 Important Topics)🚀

  1. Primitive Values: There are a thing called Primitive Values, which are numbers , strings, boolean, null and undefined . These are values and they have no properties. Like ,
  2. Functions: These also values . A function make a value very special. A function creates an instance objects of the function and it’s passed to a function like a argument. Like,
    var B = function (add1, add2)
    var result = (add1 + add2);
    return result;
    var r = B(3, 4);
  3. Expressions: There are some things that JavaScript can answer , these called expression. These always answer with single value and values are the only way to answer JavaScript expressions .
  4. Try……..Catch(error handling): You must face some scripts error no matter how expert you are in programming and this happen because of yours silly mistakes. There are a things called try…catch. You can catch your error by using try…catch method. Like,
    let data= “{ ‘money’: 100}”;
    { let person= JSON.parse(data);
    alert( person.age );
    catch (fool){
    alert( “don’t allow” );
  5. Caching: Cache means a component which temporarily stores HTTP responses. Caching is a general computer concepts which provides competence through also data availability. There have different types of caching like client , server, hybrid, local etc.
  6. Client And Server Caching: Client caching help to save data cost which run by the user by keeping local referenced data. Server caching help limit the cost by server and it’s system .Generally it helps to avoid expensive database to server . But client caches use for repeatedly transferring the same data over the network .
  7. Cross Browsing Test: It’s a practice test to make sure that your websites are running in different different browser like Microsoft edge , chrome, mozila etc responsively. As a web developer you should do the test before you give the website to your client or public.
  8. Block-Binding in ES6: ES6 makes declarations scope easier in JavaScript. Declaring variables using the standard variable which was common in JavaScript . Introducing block-level bindings in ECMAScript 6 shows why classic Vera announcements can be confusing.
  9. Sub-units Of Block Binding: The sub-units of block binding are Var Declarations and Hoisting, Block-Level Declarations(let ,const), Objects and const, Block Binding in Loops, Global Block Bindings, Emerging Best Practices for Block Bindings .
  10. Arrow Function: Arrow function is a ES6 base function which allow to write shorter function syntax. It makes a function more shorter than any function. Like,

    hello = (world) => ‘Hello’ + ‘ ’ + World ;