1. React Hooks:
    Basically hook means a piece of metal which help you to catch something. There are have some hooks for react users and it’s a new insertion in react. Without declaring class, you can use state or other property in react by using react hooks.
  2. Web Accessibility:
    It’s the creation and design of an website and it can be used by anyone.
    By using standard HTML formats , you can make accessible websites in react. JavaScript does not impact on accessibility.
  3. Null Vs Undefined:
    Null is a value which has no value because of null returns. And it’s a special…

All Fundamentals Concepts About React.js

About React:
Exactly react is not a framework, it’s defined as a JavaScript library .
Jordan Walke made it 7 years ago and it’s an open-source JavaScript Library.
It’s a tool for on-demand use. You can make and use you own API Or All Fakedata by using react. It’s a UI Based language and that’s reason for called it worth language.

JavaScript Framework And Library Definition:
In JavaScript , Framework is an application which use for proper organization and shape for an webpage. And a JavaScript Library is an library which contains a pack of function and complete some useful work…

  1. Primitive Values: There are a thing called Primitive Values, which are numbers , strings, boolean, null and undefined . These are values and they have no properties. Like ,
  2. Functions: These also values . A function make a value very special. A function creates an instance objects of the function and it’s passed to a function like a argument. Like,
    var B = function (add1, add2)
    var result = (add1 + add2);
    return result;
    var r = B(3, 4);
  3. Expressions: There are some things that JavaScript can answer , these called expression. …

It provides a new string of units located at a specific offset in the sting that contains the UTF-16 code unit. Like,
const blog= ‘This is Blank’;
const index = 2;
console.log(`The blog ${index} is ${blog.charAt(index)}`)

2. String.prototype.substr()
It’s Starting at the specified index, extending for a given number of characters and returns a portion of the String.

3. Math.abs()
Returns the absolute value of a number .Like,
const A = Math.abs(-6.99);
output = 6.99.

4. Math.ceil()
It’s round the number to it’s nearest integer. like,
const B = Math.ceil(.57);
output = 1

5. Math.ceil()
It’s round the…

Fardin Bin Taher

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